Dog Picture Socks

Every time you wear our personalized dog socks, it will make you remember how important are your dogs in your life. Express your love towards them by getting your dog picture socks. We at Dog do Or Dog Don't are pet lovers ourselves, so we know how much our pets mean to us. Getting your dog face on socks would be a lovely treat to your eyes every time you wear them 😍.

Plus, it's easy to get socks with your dog on them. 

Dog Picture Socks

Dog Picture Socks

PinkPurpleSky BlueBlackRedWhiteGreenDark Blue
Men ( Length- 20cm)Women ( Length- 18cm)Kids ( Length- 14cm)
1 Face2 Faces3 Faces

Photo Guidelines for your Doggo Socks

To put your dog on socks, you do not have to crop your own image. Just send us the image keeping in mind the following conditions.

  • Though you do not need a professional-quality image, the image should at least have a decent resolution.
  • The entire face of your dog (or any pet) should be inside the frame.
  • The image that you upload should have good lighting.
  • Please avoid sending blurry pics, to get the best socks with pet faces.

How to order your Socks with Pets face?

Getting your own pair of socks with dog pictures is an effortless process.

  1. Just select the number of faces that you want on your own puppy socks (for example 1 face, 2 faces, or 3 faces).
  2. Upload the custom dog photos that you would like to print. Read the below guidelines to get details on what type of photos should be uploaded.
  3. After uploading the pic, select what type of color & design you would like your custom pet picture to be printed on.
  4. Select the size. We have 3 different Options Men (Foot Length 20 cm), Women (Foot Length 18cm), & Kids (Foot Length 14 cm).

Faq's Regarding our Custom Dog Socks

Q. Do you provide a Mockup or a preview before printing?

A. Unfortunately, no. In order to provide the fastest delivery to our customers, we do not provide a mockup. But do not worry about the design, our design team that works on custom pet socks is skilled enough and we are sure there will be no problems whatsoever.

Q. Do you allow more than 3 dog face on socks?

A. To ensure the quality of the product, we allow only up to 3 faces on each pair.

Q. Can I put a celebrity or popular character pic/ logo on my picture socks?

A. No, that would be copyright infringement. But if that is your own logo, we can do that but we will email you first before printing your pair.

Q. Can I change my photo after I placed an order?

A. Email us asap. If your order isn't printed yet, we can make the required change.

Q. Do you allow different animals other than dogs?

A. Yes, we can absolutely do that. We allow all types of animals as long as it qualifies the photo guidelines.

Q. My uploaded photo has many different animals on it.

A. We can only print up to 3 faces to ensure the highest quality of the product. So just write what animal you want to be selected in the notes section during checkout. And if we are still unsure, we will mail you to confirm.

Q. Are these dog socks for humans?

A. Absolutely, the sizing that we offer are for humans & we currently do not have pet socks.

Q. If my pet is wearing a collar & I want to include it, can I do that?

A. Yes, mention in the notes section at checkout if you want to exclude or include whatever accessory your pet is wearing & our design team will handle that.

Q. Are these pet socks Machine Washable?

A. Yes, our custom socks are made of soft polyester & they are 100% machine washable. But make sure to not bleach them. Just turn them inside out before washing them with cold water.

Shipping Details For your Custom Socks

All our orders are shipped via USPS. So you do not have to worry about the shipping times. The shipping of your custom socks with dog picture will take around 7-14 business days for US customers. For other countries, it might take a few days more.

Note: The processing time is different than the shipping time because the processing will include designing the perfect photo for your dog picture socks. We try to ensure that the products reach you as fast as possible. At the same time, our first priority is the quality so, it will take 4-5 business days for processing.

As soon as we ship out your dog face socks, we will send you an email with the tracking number & other details.

If you have any questions regarding your dog picture socks & its shipping, contact us at

How much is the shipping cost to put my pets on socks?

For US customers, the shipping cost is 3.5$ via USPS. For all other countries, refer to the checkout page to know the exact price for your country.

Return Policy for your socks with dog face

Though we are pretty sure that our socks with dog face will make you fall in love with them, if there is a genuine problem regarding the design or the dog picture socks itself, we will be happy to assist you with the return. Just send us an email at describing your issue in detail.

Customer Reviews for our Custom Pet Socks

"The quality of the socks was great & the face printing on it was perfect. Recommend them💯"

- Caleb Smith

"I was a bit sceptical about putting my dogs face on the socks, but they turned out to be amazing 🤩 "

- Jordan Cooper

"Good Design- I wanted to print my favorite picture which was a bit blurry but their design team did a pretty good job & now I love the socks. ❤"

- Nancy Ivy

Soft Polyester

Our Pet Socks are made of high-quality polyester material which is very soft & comfortable at the same time. They are 100% machine washable and do not shrink in any form. Refer to the instructions mentioned above to wash them.

360° High-Quality Printing

Our design team is highly skilled in graphic design & they can put any pet on socks. You just have to upload the pet pics that you want to be printed on your picture socks & they will take care of the rest. Just make sure that you follow the photo guidelines mentioned above.

Seamless Stitching

Our dog picture socks are stitched using seamless stitching technology. This enables us to provide you with well-knitted pet socks that are comfortable to wear. We also double-check the socks before packing to make sure there are no loose ends on any of our socks.